Facet Block

Facet Block

This procedure lessens pain due to inflammation, damage and nerve impingement to small joints in the back and neck. Patients who experience muscle spasms or have their backs suddenly go out may benefit from this treatment.

A facet block or injection is a minimally invasive procedure in which we inject a small amount of local anesthetic or medication into a facet joint and provide pain relief. We use fluoroscopy, a real-time X-ray, or CT scan to guide the placement into the facet joint. The anesthetic delivers temporary pain relief nut acts as a powerful, long-lasting anti-inflammatory medication that can calm inflamed cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back), and lumbar (low-back) nerves while reducing your pain.

Your facet joints are paired joints on the side of each level of your spine. A facet block, also called a selective nerve root block, may be performed at one or multiple levels and on one or both sides of your spine.

Tiny facet joint nerves can become irritated and inflamed, causing neck and low back pain. This pain does not shoot or radiate like sciatica and it does not typically include weakness or numbness. It is, however, worsened by movement, sleep, poor posture and cold, damp weather. A facet joint block offers you two potential benefits:

  • reduced inflammation and pain in a facet joint or joints
  • better diagnostic information about cause, location and source of pain

A facet block may quickly reduce pain, but relief is not permanent, and a repeat facet block may be needed. We usually perform facet blocks to help control chronic neck or back pain.

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