Knee and Shoulder Joint Injections

Knee and Shoulder Joint Injections

Injecting the anesthetic and corticosteroids the inflammation can be reduced and combined with physical therapy can reduce and avert the unnecessary surgeries.

Depending on your type of injury or pain you are experiencing, we may choose different types of injections. Injecting fluid into the joint can help restore lubrication to some joints. In some cases, we may inject a steroid to reduce pain or inflammation.

Chronic pain may be caused by some form of arthritis, inflammation, or normal wear and tear on the joint. Pain from overuse can sometimes be treated with injection therapy when rest and physical therapy fail to relieve your symptoms.

Knee and shoulder joints typically contain synovial fluid, which acts as a shock absorber. When this fluid thins and loses its elasticity the cartilage can wear down and cause osteoarthritis pain. A treatment called viscosupplementation mimics the shock absorbing quality of healthy synovial fluid in your knee joints. We inject a preparation of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in synovial fluid, directly into the knee joint.

Viscosupplementation is currently only approved by the FDA for use in the knee, although other joint trials are ongoing.

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