Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections

Injecting a local anesthetic into fibrous trigger-point tissue in spastic muscles inactivates the trigger point and alleviates pain. Sustained relief is usually achieved with a brief course of treatment.

A trigger point injection (TPI) can help soothe muscle pain in your arms, legs, lower back and neck. It can also treat fibromyalgia, tension headaches and myofascial pain.

Trigger points are actually those painful knots in your muscles. When a muscle can’t relax, it forms a knot that you can sometimes feel when you rub the muscle. By injecting small amounts of anesthetic and steroid into a trigger point, we can help reduce your pain. Trigger point injections may help you if your muscle pain has not improved with other treatments such as pain medication or physical therapy.

Trigger points may irritate the nerves around them and cause referred pain, or pain that you feel in another part of your body. Our providers may recommend trigger point injections, which they can perform in minutes right here in our offices.

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