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The good news for your patients isn’t simply that they have alternatives. In fact, they have many alternatives, thanks to Dr. Wahi ’s full range of image-guided interventional spine procedures, which include:

Epidural Injection

An advanced medical procedure used to reduce swelling and pain in and around the neck and lower back areas. Most individuals report less pain and increased mobility over days, weeks or months.

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Facet Block

This procedure lessens pain due to inflammation, damage and nerve impingement to small joints in the back and neck. Patients who experience muscle spasms or have their backs suddenly go out may benefit from this treatment.

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Sympathetic Block

This decreases neural pain resulting from injury, dysfunction or illness. Patients with shingles, sympathetic reflex dystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome may be good candidates for this procedure.

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Trigger Point Injections

Injecting a local anesthetic into fibrous trigger-point tissue in spastic muscles inactivates the trigger point and alleviates pain. Sustained relief is usually achieved with a brief course of treatment.

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Selective Nerve Root Blocks

Injecting an anesthetic-and steroid solution into a specific nerve root also blocks pain and helps determine its source.

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Knee and Shoulder Joint Injections

Injecting the anesthetic and corticosteroids the inflammation can be reduced and combined with physical therapy can reduce and avert the unnecessary surgeries.

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