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Testimonial 4

Posted On: March 11, 2022

It was late November 2002 and I have recently arrived to the Chicago area 2 months prior. Over the 2 month period I was experienced a terrible pain in my back and chest area. I turned to the yellow pages where I found an advertisement for Midwest Physician Pain Center. After making an appointment and a series of tests, I was found to have a pea size lump in my right chest and a herniated disk in my lower back. Having the tumor in my right breast biopsied it was found to be a malignant for breast cancer. In the next 2 months the tumor had enlarged to a golf ball size. Overnight, Dr. Wahi contacted a team of professional doctors at South Shore Hospital where I had my first mastectomy. He was in the surgery room every step of the way. Over the last eight years I have been seeing Dr. Wahi and my pain is under control. This man aside from being empathic is very, very knowledgeable in pain management.

This man saved my life amongst other statistics that I had only a few years to live in 2003. Here I sit celebrating my 40th birthday in June 2010.

Thank you dearly Dr. Wahi

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